Welcome to the Electron Garage!

Who are we?


A team of passionate individuals.

The Electron Garage is a group of driven individuals who have a real passion for cars, driving and innovation. We aim to take that passion and turn in into not just a side project but a business. We also have a desire to provide a much needed kickstart to the Scottish EV Conversion market, not only bringing viable solutions to our customer's cars, but also building a platform to enable other individual's to build their own projects. Electron Garage aims to have a store that is not only varied in parts, but also at an affordable price. Our goal is to create an EV hub for hobbyists and professionals.

Our Services

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Electric Vehicle Conversion

Our team can convert a vast range of electric vehicles ranging from small classic cars to vans. If you have a question whether a conversion is possible, contact us and we can clarify all of your options.

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EV Servicing & Repair

Here at Electron Garage we both build and maintain electric vehicles. We will ensure that your electric car will have a proper service and if you have an accident we will be there to help get your vehicle back on the road.

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EV Store

The Electron Garage have a wide and varied store that houses a multitude of components at fair and affordable prices. We will ship the parts out to you as fast as possible to ensure a great customer experience.

What do we sell?

A wide range of Conversion parts and kits.

We at Electron Garage aim to create a affordable EV conversion experience. Our thinking is that the more kits we sell, the more cool and eco-friendly cars on the road. We want to make it possible for as many people as possible to convert their dream cars to electric vehicles. Alongside selling kits and parts, we would like to offer as much support as possible to individuals who are planning to convert a vehicle. If you have any confusion when ordering parts, give our support team an email and they will be sure to guide you as much as possible.