Our Mission...

Nissan Leaf EV

We at the Electron Garage believe that we shouldn’t forget about the old timer classics in a time of innovation. We believe that classic cars are perfect reminders of the past and how the history of cars has changed over the years. Saving these cars from the scrapyard is an important role to play. If you are anything like us you probably a had dream car when we were younger, sadly many of those vehicles are simply too unreliable to realistically to own in modern times. We aim to give those cars a new lease of life (and maybe an increase in power…) to bring back the dreams of our past. A secondary aim of ours is to provide parts and kits for you to build your own electric vehicles, we want to make it much more affordable and simple than it currently is. We want to build a hub for enthusiast and professionals alike to not only buy parts but share opinions and thoughts on pressing EV matters.

Meet the Team


Euan Campbell

Electrical Technician

Euan has served his time as a qualified Electrician in the solar industry and has a wide range of experience in the sector. He is our electrical technician at the garage.


Wayne Campbell

Lead Technician

Wayne has a long history with not only cars, but general construction and fabrication. He has many years of experience under his belt and is our Lead Technician.

Jamie Fisher

Mechatronics Engineer

Jamie is currently finishing his BEng Mechatronics Honours degree at university. He is mainly involved in the running of the website/store and the programming/manufacturing side of things.

What We Do

Illustration of Morris Minor
  • Classic Car Electric Conversion
  • Electric Vehicle Conversion Kits
  • Electric Car Servicing & Repairs
  • EV Training Courses

Classic Car  Conversion

We can help transform your beloved classic car into an electric vehicle. Whether your car is destined for relaxing Sunday drives or for the track, we have the skills and expertise to make that happen. 

Our team will guide you through your EV conversion journey and will update you every step along the way. If you desire, you can come into the workshop and join us to see how and what exactly we are doing to your beloved car. We aim to not only convert your car to the highest standards, but to also create an experience for you to remember.

Electric Vehicle Conversion Kits

Our team has chosen and selected parts for Electric Vehicle Kits so that it is as simple as possible for you at home to complete your very own project. We have not only put together a wide variety of kits for your convenience  but we have also created detailed documentation to guide you along your journey.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with us as we will make sure you get right back on track. We know how harrowing it may seem to make the jump and purchase a kit, but rest assured we have your back!

Electric Car Servicing & Repair

Sadly even though we love electric cars, we do have to admit that sometimes things can go wrong. But don't worry as we have you covered, just get in touch with our team and pop into the garage for a cuppa whilst we fix any issues you may have! 

If your car simply needs serviced, we would be honored to keep your trusty EV on the road. We like to see that our service is not only for electric car lovers but by them, we want to make sure that your car is treated with the proper respect it deserves. You can't always count on traditional garages to put in the same level of attention and care as we do. 

EV Training Courses

We want to train as many people as possible to retrofit electric cars, our mission isn't one of profitability but one that is to genuinely help the environment and keep as many cars out of the scrap yard as possible. We want to be able to see the gems of our past still driving and reliable on the roads. We understand that this effort is a team effort and not just up to us, this is the reason we want to help you build and maintain as many EV's as possible. We aim to create a holistic approach to learning and train you on everything EV and make you ready for whatever comes in the door.

Where To Find Us.

Unit E6
Newark Rd S